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Listings in Calgary and the surrounding areas change hour by hour with new houses, condos and other properties becoming available or being sold. Success in Real Estate is highly dependent on timing so it’s important to have access to those listings the minute they hit the market.

The Mel Star Team ensures you stay current on what’s available, as soon as it becomes available.


Your home will likely be the greatest financial investment you'll ever make. With the help of a Mel Star Team member, it can also be your wisest. Give yourself every opportunity to come out ahead by working with a professional.

Get All the Listings

New properties in Calgary hit the Real Estate market daily. Your Mel Star Team member will be in regular contact with sellers and other Real Estate agents to ensure you see all the newest listings right away, whether or not they're made public. Often, buyers can put in offers with little or no competition and walk away with an impressive deal on the property of their choice. We will save you valuable time by making sure you only see properties that meet your needs and investment preferences.

Inside Information

As you compare the best deals, we will provide you with important information about the home, its neighbourhood, zoning issues, utilities, and nearby plans for development.

Professionals on Your Side

Many Real Estate transactions include an extensive negotiating process. Your Mel Star Team member will negotiate the best deal possible, attend property inspections, make sure any and all agreed-upon repair work is carried out, and handle all the paperwork related to the sale. We can also help set up the financing for your investment, and work directly with a broker to provide you with a seamless service package.

Get the Best Deal

Working with a dedicated agent on your next home purchase will save you time and add professional assurance to every step of the process. With the guarantee of a solid investment, the decision could also increase your financial wealth when it's time to sell. Contact us today!

In today's market, it is critical to have the right agent with the right team and the right experience to help you market your property at fair value while purchasing at an advantage. Call our team at 1-403-861-9944 for a no-obligation consultation.

Is It Good To Buy A House In Foreclosure?

As home prices soar in many cities, buyers are looking towards foreclosures as an affordable option for landing their dream home. Typically, a foreclosure occurs when a homeowner can no longer make the mortgage payments and either the home becomes a bank-owned property or becomes a court-ordered judicial sale. 

When the home becomes a bank-owned property, the home will be vacated, and then offered for sale. When the home becomes a judicial sale, in many cases the owner still has equity in the home and would still occupy the home until court proceedings end and an offer is accepted.  Typically, the owner would then have 30-45 days to vacate the property.

New Home Listings FAQs

Yes, many realtors, us included, have what we call "pocket listings". These are exclusive listings that are available for sale but for various reasons, the seller has decided not to advertise the property to the general public. There are many ways for us to reach out to other relators and inquire about their pocket listings in order for us to help find you the perfect home.

We take pride in educating our clients on how to spot a deal. Working with us, we will go over all the stats and market trends in order to ensure you feel like you are making an informed decision.

If you contact us we can set up a customized search for you. That way you will be notified by email, in real-time, of any new listings that hit the market.

A Star Team Working For You

A Star Team Working For You

The Mel Star team combines experience, insight, influence, connections, and access to the most cutting-edge marketing technologies to deliver results to buyers and sellers in Calgary’s Real Estates market. Our award-winning team will guide you through the process of buying or selling with smart strategies, skilled negotiations, and a customer-focused approach. Connect with us today to begin your journey to a successful Real Estate close. Call us at 1-403-861-9944.


We are here to help and we'd love to hear from you. Call us at 1-403-861-9944 and we will be in touch shortly!


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