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For over 40 years, Mel Star and his team have been helping families buy and sell their homes in Calgary. Over this time, Mel has developed a "hassle-free, customer-first" model that alleviates the stress of home buying/selling. Mel's DOWNSIZING program has assisted empty nesters and even newly divorced/separated clients buy and sell new homes. Click to read more about Mel's program below or see his short video!


Calgary Realtor Mel Star and His Team Are Here to Help!

Who should consider downsizing? People who should consider downsizing are Senior Citizens, Empty Nesters and anybody who recently got Separated or Divorced.  I understand some of the concerns you may have because I recently got a divorce, I am an empty nester and I just had my 65th birthday!

What are the advantages of downsizing? You're saving money, you're saving time, you're dealing with a lot less clutter, you're off to a fresh start and you have a lot more time to live and enjoy life!

What should you consider when downsizing? You should be thinking about what you can afford, if you'll need more space in the future (are the kids coming home? guests? grandkids?) 

Why choose the Mel Star Team? It helps to have an experienced and expert negotiator who will help you buy and sell your property.  Through the years we've built up a vast network of connections not only for marketing but to help you stage, move, access trades and transfer utilities.  We ARE your one-stop shop for all your Real Estate Needs in Calgary.

Is It Good To Buy A House In Foreclosure?

As home prices soar in many cities, buyers are looking towards foreclosures as an affordable option for landing their dream home. Typically, a foreclosure occurs when a homeowner can no longer make the mortgage payments and either the home becomes a bank-owned property or becomes a court-ordered judicial sale. 

When the home becomes a bank-owned property, the home will be vacated, and then offered for sale. When the home becomes a judicial sale, in many cases the owner still has equity in the home and would still occupy the home until court proceedings end and an offer is accepted.  Typically, the owner would then have 30-45 days to vacate the property.

Empty Nesters & Downsizing FAQs

Here are just a few things to keep in mind when considering downsizing:

•  Keeping your bigger home comes with the higher cost such as taxes, insurance and energy bills
•  Don't move too slow, the longer you wait the harder it will be to do
•  Don't just downsize the space but the things in it too

Some signs it might be time to downsize consist of:

•  Your home has become an empty nest
•  You’re getting ready to retire
•  You’re ready to tap into the home equity that you have built up and you simply want to change your lifestyle

Time to consider downsizing consists of some of the following:

•  You are having financial struggles
•  You’re finding it difficult to physically move around your current property
•  You have too much empty, unused living space

A Star Team Working For You

A Star Team Working For You

The Mel Star team combines experience, insight, influence, connections, and access to the most cutting-edge marketing technologies to deliver results to buyers and sellers in Calgary’s Real Estates market. Our award-winning team will guide you through the process of buying or selling with smart strategies, skilled negotiations, and a customer-focused approach. Connect with us today to begin your journey to a successful Real Estate close. Call us at 1-403-861-9944.


We are here to help and we'd love to hear from you. Call us at 1-403-861-9944 and we will be in touch shortly!


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