Open House

Open houses increase exposure and allow us to showcase your home in its best light. They also provide an opportunity for more people to view your home within a short timeframe. The Mel Star Team will work with you to prepare and make sure your home is ready for ‘prime time’, find a date and time that’s convenient to you, and market the open house in both digital and traditional ways.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you and your team do open houses?

Yes, open houses are one of the many things we do to market your home. If advertised properly, they can be highly effective in getting buyers to view your property.

When do you hold open houses?

Depending on the home and its location we will most often have open houses on the weekend. However, weekday open houses during the afternoon rush hour can be very effective, especially with properties located closer to the inner city.

How do you market your open houses?

Open houses are marketed through various channels such as, multiple social media platforms, MLS advertising, and our in-house Re/Max system. We also notify neighbours in the general area and inform our vast network of connections we have made over the 40+ years of selling real estate in Calgary.

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