New Condos

Whether you are looking to live in the centre, inner city, or suburbs, Calgary’s new condo market inventory offers an unprecedented range of choice to homebuyers today — presenting an excellent investment opportunity to enjoy while you wait for the market to return.

Just a few things to consider when purchasing a new condo are:

  • is the square footage accurate — have your realtor verify
  • how the unit will be heated/cooled and where heating, air conditioning and water heaters are located
  • where the unit you are considering is located on the floor - is it next to the elevator, what direction does it face, etc.
  • what noise reduction measures have been taken
  • cost of monthly condo fees, what they cover and are there any other costs
  • is the unit covered by a new home warranty and what does it cover

More and more Canadians are choosing condos as they provide a relatively carefree lifestyle. So whether you are entering the market as a first-time buyer or simplifying your life by downsizing, the Mel Star Team has the expertise to ensure all the right questions are asked and to negotiate the best value possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy a pre-construction condo or a new condo that’s already been completed?

One of the most attractive aspects of buying in the pre-construction phase is that units will be the cheapest. However, the answer to this question depends largely on your preferences and goals. There are many things to consider before making this decision. We would recommend discussing your options with us in order for us help you make the best decision.

Do you need a professional to review the condominium documents, or can I review them by myself?

Although it is not mandatory, we always recommend buyers to have the condo docs reviewed by a professional. A proper condo doc review will provide you with insight into the overall health of the condo building, the financial documents and the reserve fund study. By studying these documents, a professional will be able to give you a really clear picture about what kind of investment you’re making.

Do I need a realtor to buy a new condo or can I purchase it directly from the builder?

Having a realtor is important when purchasing a new condo because they will be representing you exclusively and ensuring all your best interests are looked after. The sales team for the builder works in the best interest of the builder. There is also a common misconception that you will pay more if you use a realtor to purchase a new property. It doesn’t cost you anything to use a realtor and you will not end up paying more for your condo.

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