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Welcome to the Mel Star Team!

For over 4 decades, the Mel Star Team has been helping Calgarians buy and sell homes and we understand that your home is your most valuable investment. The secret to our success is that we treat every client and every transaction as if it were our own. 

Why should you choose us to list your home? 

  • Because we have experience  
  • Because we are obsessed with marketing   
  • Because we don’t guess or take chances - everything is based on systems, processes and formulas and we’ve had over 40 years to perfect it 
  • Because we care

The First Meeting

Our philosophy is never to force relationships, we want to make sure you feel it’s a good fit. Prior to the first meeting, we will send you a short client intake form and some information on the Mel Star Team so we can spend our time together building your listing strategy. During our meeting, we will: 

  • Confirm the specs from your intake form
  • Do a physical walkthrough of your home
  • Review comparable homes for sale in your geographic radius 
  • Review records of similar homes recently sold 
  • Present a comprehensive assessment for pricing, timing and strategy

At the end of our first meeting, our goal is to educate you on our process, agree on a price range and sketch out a comprehensive timeline for the next steps.

Preparing Your Home

Once you’re ready to move forward and your home is listed, our goal is to create a blank canvas that a potential buyer can picture their perfect life in. During our staging consulting process we will develop a plan to highlight the features of the home while neutralizing/simplifying in order to inspire your buyer's imagination.  

Once your home is prepared our production team will develop assets like photos, videos, brochures and tours as well as the listing write-up for your MLS publication. Next, our dedicated marketing team at StyleLabs is also engaged to commence website design, social media, email marketing and advertising tactics.

Marketing Your Home

For the past two years, we’ve been working with StyleLabs Inc. to manage the sales/marketing side of the Mel Star brand as well as our client listings. We chose to partner with StyleLabs instead of facilitating this process in the house because we believe that you deserve the very best. A team of experts will look at each home and listing with a creative and strategic eye and build a unique pathway to maximize exposure and your selling price.

With the listing information, Stylelabs will develop a landing page, social media posts called “marketing bombs” and a targeted marketing campaign that will land in your buyer's inbox, social feeds and google search queries. The goal is to connect your listing to the right buyer and the right seller.

Showings and Offers

We understand that living in a showhome-ready state for extended periods of time is not conducive to any family or life situation. We want to make sure we find the right buyer for the right price as quickly as the market will allow. Part of our due diligence process is to understand your life situation so that we can help you maintain as much stability and normalcy as possible. We have also developed systems to efficiently restore your home for showings without spending hours cleaning up. 

Selling a home is not just about moving on.  It’s also about helping you keep life as uninterrupted as possible.


We are here to help and we'd love to hear from you. Call us at 1-403-861-9944 and we will be in touch shortly!


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