What Home Buyers Should Consider When Purchasing A Home In Winter

What Home Buyers Should Consider When Purchasing A Home In Winter

Although the real estate market tends to be more active in the spring and summer, home buyers may want to consider purchasing in the winter instead. Buying a home in winter can actually have some benefits, but you also need to be aware of the potential drawbacks of viewing and buying a home in the winter. Understanding how buying a home in the winter differs from home buying in other seasons can help you make an informed decision when putting in an offer. If you’re a home buyer who is considering purchasing while there is still snow on the ground and a chill in the air, think about how the season may impact your home buying experience.

Home Buyers: Purchasing In The Winter

Compare Reduced Competition To Reduced Supply
Many people who are in the market for a home don’t want to purchase while their personal lives are busy with holiday activities and while the weather is less than ideal. This can mean there are fewer competitors bidding on homes. The other side to this, however, is that fewer people list during the winter season. You are less likely to find a variety of new homes for sale appearing during the winter season. Although competition is decreased, so are your options of homes for sale.

Check For Winter Durability
Calgary winters can get very cold, snowy, and icy, and homes need to be built to withstand this. By viewing a home in the winter, you can ensure that it is properly insulated, the windows and doors seal well, the frozen ground doesn’t shift parts of the home, and more. Look at the roof to see if snow is melting off (a sign of poor insulation or an otherwise old roof) and for condensation or frost on the inside of the windows. Taking the opportunity to view the home in the winter can save you from potential renovations or repairs you may not notice during the warmer months.

Consider Complications With Inspections
Homes are harder to inspect during the winter since there is snow around the foundation of the home and some parts of the home may be frozen or have too much ice to properly inspect (such as the gutters). A professional inspection is still highly beneficial, but it is possible for them to miss some issues, particularly for outside items. Any hot tubs or outdoor facilities, as well as the roof, might be difficult to inspect.

Partner With A Realtor®
While it’s always best to partner with an experienced Realtor®, it can be even more beneficial in the winter. Realtors® can also help you negotiate a good deal during this slower season and they can help you find properties that will suit your lifestyle, even when supply is limited. Many sellers who list their property in the winter can’t wait until the spring or summer and your Realtor® will know how to expertly navigate this situation.

No matter the season, you can benefit from knowledge from the experts.
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Calgary Home Buyers Can Find Homes In The Winter

No matter the season, finding top Calgary Realtors® to work with will always benefit you. Calgary home buyers can find homes that suit their budget and lifestyle and they can navigate the intricacies of winter home purchasing by partnering with an experienced Calgary Realtor®. When you partner with a member of the Mel Star team, you gain access to accomplished Realtors® who know the Calgary real estate market and are bound to a code of ethics that puts your needs first to ensure you are getting a home at a fair price. When you work with the Mel Star team of Calgary Realtors®, we will ensure that your new home will meet your needs and that you are getting a good value. To partner with a Realtor® from the Mel Star team, call 1-403-861-9944 or fill out the online contact form.


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A good Realtor® will represent you during the home buying process. A real estate agent should do the following for you when buying a home:

  • Book showings
  • Provide you with search tools or search for properties on your behalf
  • Represent you well in possible multiple offer scenarios
  • Keep a calm head during negotiations
  • Diligently navigate contracts and closing

While it’s impossible to know how much a home is worth exactly, a top Realtor® can use comparable properties, market analysis, and look at similar homes that have recently sold in the area to ensure you are paying a fair price.


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