What Exactly Is An RPR?

What Exactly Is An RPR?

Every real estate transaction involves a landslide of paperwork. Mortgage applications and approvals, offers to purchase, condo documents, property tax documentation, titles, records of insurance, comparative market analysis, inspection reports… the list goes on and on and on. Many of these documents are pretty self-explanatory (an offer to purchase is exactly that), but there is one document requirement integral to the sales contracts used by Alberta Realtors® that may be unfamiliar to many first-time buyers and sellers. It is the RPR. This vital document can make or break real estate negotiations so let’s find out… What exactly is an RPR?

Real Property Report (RPR)

What Is An RPR?
Almost every real estate transaction in Alberta requires a Real Property Report, also known as an RPR. This is a certified and legal document that illustrates the property for sale. This document includes:

  • The legal description and municipal address of the property
  • Date of the land title search and the Certificate of Title number and registered owners
  • Property boundaries
  • The position and description of all buildings (homes, garages, etc.) and structures (fences, decks, etc.) with dimensions and distances from property lines
  • Identification of any encroachments (building or structures close to or over the property boundary)
  • Identification of adjacent roads, lanes, and properties
  • Stamp of municipal compliance
  • Identification of any easements (agreements between the property owner and another party such as the municipality to use a portion of the property, as in the case of a utility box or a light post)
  • Certification mark and/or notes of a Certified Land Surveyor
  • Copyright of the RPR to the land survey company

Whose Is Responsible For Obtaining An RPR?
Unless waived by the buyer, it is the seller’s responsibility to provide a current RPR as part of the purchase agreement. Even if the buyer might agree to waive the RPR, typically lenders and lawyers will require it to complete the purchase contract. 

Where Do I Get An RPR?
It is most likely that a Real Property Report was included as part of the transaction when you purchased the property. If you have an RPR and have not made any changes to the building or structures of the property during your ownership, you can opt to sign a Statutory Declaration affirming that the existing RPR is accurate and the property is as it was when you purchased it. If you have changed anything with the buildings and/or structures you have two options:

  1. You may contact the land survey company who completed the existing RPR and see if they will agree to update it and submit it to the municipality for compliance.
  2. You will need to contract the services of a land surveyor to complete a new and updated Real Property Report and complete the municipal compliance process.

A Calgary Realtor® Is Your Best Resource For A Successful Home Sale

The RPR is an essential part of almost every residential real estate transaction. An experienced and knowledgeable Realtor® will be able to help you gauge the validity of an existing RPR, advise you as to whether a new, updated RPR is required, connect you with reputable and trusted land survey companies, and guide you through the process of compliance with the city of Calgary. As a Calgary home seller, it is your obligation to provide a current and compliant RPR to your buyers for an airtight sales contract. Your Realtor® is your best resource to navigate these complexities of home selling.

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An encroachment is when any building or structure goes beyond the property boundaries onto an adjoining property. In this case resolution would involve an encroachment agreement between the two affected property owners or amendment or removal of the encroaching building or structure. Your Realtor® in partnership with your land surveyor can help you navigate this situation.

Not necessarily. There are several strategies to deal with non-compliance of an RPR. There are processes to build agreements with adjacent property owners for encroachments, the municipality for relaxations, and even the purchase of title insurance to protect against future non-compliance issues. Seek the advice of your Realtor® and your lawyer when determining the best course of action when an RPR is non-compliant.

A Star Team Working For You

A Star Team Working For You

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