Tips For A Successful Open House During The Winter Months

Tips For A Successful Open House During The Winter Months

Open houses are vital to a home sale, but there can be additional challenges to hosting them in the winter. Normally when staging a house, there is an emphasis on letting in natural light and fresh air, but when the winter months hit you may not want to open the windows and sunlight may not be available. There are ways to get around this to present an open house that creates a warm and comforting escape amid a snow or slush covered Calgary landscape. Here are some clever ways to showcase your home in the winter and host a successful open house.

Small Touches To Make Your Open House A Success

De-Ice. Before your open house, it is crucial that you shovel any loose or compact snow and de-ice. Shovel the walkway to the door as well as the driveway and the sidewalk in front of the house. This will prevent anyone from slipping and hurting themself. As an added benefit, it will present your house as well maintained and it will prevent the open house visitors from tracking snow and mud into the home that you’ve put so much effort into cleaning. 

Keep It Cozy. This applies to appearance, hospitality, and physical warmth. When potential buyers are coming in from frigid temperatures, they don’t want to be greeted by an unheated house and a cold home could make them fear the heating system and insulation are insufficient. Even if you prefer to keep your home cool, put it up a few degrees until it’s warm but not hot. To create a comfy and welcoming look, give your home winter accents such as fuzzy blankets on the couches and beds or a lit fireplace if you have one. Other winter accessories could include lit candles (although you may want to keep them scentless in case of allergies), table centerpieces featuring pinecones or other winter plants, or soft throw pillows. For added hospitality, have some hot drinks ready to serve, such as tea, hot chocolate, coffee, or hot cider. Even if your guests don’t accept the drink, they will still appreciate the offer and it will generate a pleasant, light winter scent.

Make It Bright Inside. Winter means longer nights and gloomy weather, which can make it difficult to showcase a normally bright and light home. Since there may not be natural light flooding your home, make sure to turn on all of the lights before your open house and have lamps in areas where the overhead light doesn’t quite reach. Keeping the home bright also applies to the outside: make sure your front lights are on and consider adding a string of lights outside, particularly in an area with a deck or verandah.

Depersonalize The Home. When holding an open house, you always want to make it as easy as possible for the viewers to visualize themselves in the space. This means taking down photos of your own family, collectibles, memorabilia, and anything else that is personal. This will help potential buyers not feel as though they are invading or taking over. As you take down personal items, also remove any items that are associated with religion or politics. Remember that you are trying to keep your house in the winter theme, not a holiday-specific theme. This is another important step in the process of removing yourself from the house, as buyers may be put off by any opposing beliefs.

List Your Home With A Mel Star Realtor®

Staging the home is a vital part of open houses as it allows the potential buyers to understand the space and visualize themselves living there. Although the winter months can create drab weather, that doesn’t mean your open house can’t be filled with light and luxury to entice buyers. While a fantastic open house can help sell your Calgary property, another great strategy to sell your home quickly and for top dollar is to work with experienced Realtors®, such as the team at Mel Star. With over 40 years of success and experience, the Mel Star team goes above and beyond expectations and uses data-driven, digital marketing strategies to sell your home for a top price. If you want to work with a top ranking Calgary Realtor®, call the Mel Star team at 1-403-861-9944 or fill out the online contact form and 


Q: What is virtual staging?
A: Virtual staging is a method of digitally placing decor, furniture, and design touches in a home using graphics to create the illusion of a realistically furnished space. This is ideal for when sellers have moved out and the home has no furniture. It allows potential buyers to understand the scale of the space and visualize the ways that furniture can be placed and the way rooms can be used. This is different from a virtual open house, which is using a video platform to host open houses. Virtual open houses have become a popular alternative since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q: Does staging make that big of a difference?
A: Absolutely. 77% to 82% of buyers agents say that staging makes a difference. Staging helps you present your home to the broadest pool of potential buyers with simple, neutral touches with mass appeal. Think of it this way: buyers need to be able to see your house for sale as the ideal place for them to call home. An abundance of personal items and too many personal design choices can make it harder for buyers to do that.

Q: Why should I hire a Calgary Realtor® to sell my home?
A: A top Realtor® has the negotiating skills that will get you the best price possible, is legally required to put your best interests first, and can assist you with all of the complicated paperwork that comes with selling a home.


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