The Advantages Of Working With A Team of Realtors®

The Advantages Of Working With A Team of Realtors®

Whether you are buying or selling a home, working with a Calgary Realtor® will help you get a better deal, simplify all paperwork, and offer vital real estate guidance. While there are many benefits of working with real estate professionals, there are more options than just whether you should use a Realtor® or not; you also have the choice of working with one Realtor® or an entire team. A team of Calgary Realtors® will work together cohesively to help you buy or sell your home. Partnering with the right team of Reatlors® can simplify your buying or selling process and can ensure you get the best deal while benefiting from the experience of more than one real estate professional.

The Benefits Of A Team Of Calgary Realtors®

When you are buying or selling a house, getting into the market or finding the right buyers can be difficult. Partnering with a team of Realtors® allows you to leverage the network your chosen team has spent years building. When you partner with a team of Realtors®, you get connections to the various clients your individual team members have established relationships with, as well as to all of the various areas of expertise your team members have. For example, one Realtor® may specialize in luxury homes and have resources for that market, whereas another Realtor® may have the expertise and exceptional client knowledge in inner-city living.

Multiple Experienced Professionals
It’s great to get the knowledge of a trained and experienced professional, but when you use a team of Realtors®, you get cumulative insight from various industry professionals. Each Realtor® will have their own experiences and may be able to fill a niche or be familiar with scenarios that another Realtor® isn’t as practiced in. Having a whole team at your fingertips ensures you are covered for any type of situation and are offered a selection of the best advice available.

Constant Care
When you work with a team of Realtors® instead of one single Realtor®, you can speak with someone on the team whenever you need to. This eliminates any issues with having an individual Realtor® be unavailable. The ability to speak with a member of your Calgary Realtor® team at any time is highly advantageous when homes are moving fast, such as they are in the current Calgary market. In the seller's market that Calgary is currently experiencing, homes move so fast that not hearing back from your Realtor® in a day can be enough to lose the sale or purchase of a home.

Multiple Representatives
When a buyer puts in an offer on a property that is listed by the same agent, that agent needs to act on behalf of both the buyer and the seller. While all Realtors® are ethically bound to create a fair agreement, it can create an odd experience for the buyer or seller to feel as though your agent is being shared. By working with a Realtor® team, each side receives personalized assistance to create a contract that can put the minds of the buyer and the seller at ease.

Streamlined Process
Using a team of Realtors® helps everything go faster since tasks can be delegated. This helps to ensure that client needs are put above anything else instead of having a single Realtor® become occupied with paperwork and unable to give the client their full focus. When work is distributed across a team, it gets completed faster while the buyer or seller still gets the personalized service needed.

Working with a team of Realtors® gives you all of the benefits listed above but the commission on the sale that compensates the Realtors® is the same as it would be when working with a single Realtor®. This creates better value for services while offering greater peace of mind. Learn more about Realtor® pricing by reading How Do Realtor® Commissions Work In Calgary?

Partner With The Mel Star Team Of Calgary Realtors®

When you partner with the Mel Star team, you receive over 40 years of collective experience. The Mel Star team of Calgary Realtors® is highly experienced with the buying and selling of homes in all areas and price points throughout Calgary and are experienced working together to give clients the best service possible. When you partner with the Mel Star team, we will take care of all of the details while being consistently available to you so that together we can quickly navigate the Calgary real estate market and help you get a great deal. Whether you are buying or selling, contact a top-quality team of Calgary Realtors® by calling the Mel Star team at 1-403-861-9944 or filling out the online contact form.


A good Realtor® will represent you during the home buying process. A real estate agent should do the following for you when buying a home:

  • Book showings
  • Provide you with search tools or search for properties on your behalf
  • Represent you well in possible multiple offer scenarios
  • Keep a calm head during negotiations
  • Diligently navigate contracts and closing

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