Stage Your Home To Achieve Top Dollar And A Quicker Sale

Stage Your Home To Achieve Top Dollar And A Quicker Sale

Home staging is a way of preparing your house to make it look as appealing to buyers as possible. Staging your home makes it easier for potential buyers to visualize the home as their own space. There are several ways to make your space look newer, brighter, and more appealing to a wider audience by making small changes, many of which require little effort. Selling a home can be challenging based on a variety of factors and market conditions. Using every tool and strategy available to you will help you set your home up to be the next sale in your neighbourhood.Here are some considerations our Calgary Realtors® recommend when staging your home.

5 Ways To Stage Your Home

  1. Set Up The Most Important Rooms. The rooms that people are most interested in are the kitchen, the living room, the master bedroom, and the bathrooms so focus your efforts here. These are the areas that people spend most of their time in, so you want them to look as presentable as possible. There will be less focus on smaller or less important rooms, such as guest bedrooms and office spaces as those aren’t often the areas that make the final decision for most people. It is ideal to make your whole home look its best, but if time and money prohibit, focus on these most important spaces first.
  2. De-Personalize The Space. This isn’t going to be your house anymore and it can be hard for other people to visualize themselves in a home full of photos and momentos that demonstrate the life that has been lived there by another family. Try to put away any personal items that look messy or cluttered, such as clothing, bathroom toiletries, sports bags, and more. These items remind buyers that the home belongs to someone else and makes it harder for them to see the space offered when it’s covered with clutter. Take down any religious items and memorabilia as well. Living in a house without your sentimental items may feel odd, but remember that it’s only temporary.
  3. Clean, Clean, Clean. A clean home is your best sales tool. Other than the fact that the buyer might not be able to tell grime and stains are easily cleaned, it does not reflect a pride of ownership. You should clean all of those little things you might not get around to often, like the baseboards, the blinds, and the grout between tiles. Someone might not come into the house and notice how clean the baseboards are, but they will get an impression of the house being well cared for and kept up overall. While you are cleaning, take the opportunity to complete any minor fixes, scratches, scuffs, and nicks. These might not be a big deal for the new owner to repair, but all outstanding damage, regardless of how small, will have potential buyers deducting from their offer price.
  4. Tone It Down. This tip requires more effort, but it can really be worth it. If your house is already fairly neutral then it will likely appeal to most people or at least offer the illusion of a blank slate. But if you have bright walls, you should consider repainting. Most people either like or don’t mind neutral tones in the beige, white, and grey spectrum, but bright colours are very personal and can elicit very strong reactions from people. They can be harder to paint over and mean more work for any potential buyers. If the buyer wants bold colours, they’ll probably want to decide on those colours themselves and it’s easier to imagine that when there’s a neutral colour already in place.
  5. Move The Furniture. Create as much walking space as possible for viewings and store or get rid of furniture that is oversized, old, or damaged. Getting these pieces out of the house will make everything appear larger and more open and allow any potential home buyers to visualize their own furniture in the space. To create a feeling of lightness and brightness, open all of the blinds and turn on all the lights and lamps.

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Showcasing our house in its best light is a great way to position your home to be the next sale in your neighbourhood. Another great strategy to sell your home quickly and for top dollar is to work with experienced Realtors®, such as the team at Mel Star. With over 4 decades buying and selling homes in Calgary, the Mel Star team knows what can help sell your Calgary real estate listing faster. The team at Mel Star will work with you to figure out exactly what your goals for buying and selling are and help you make well-informed decisions that protect your investment. To talk to a Mel Star team member, call 1-403-861-9944 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: Does staging make that big of a difference?
A: Absolutely. 77% to 82% of buyers agents say that staging makes a difference. Staging helps you present your home to the broadest pool of potential buyers with simple, neutral touches with mass appeal. Think of it this way: buyers need to be able to see your house for sale as the ideal place for them to call home. An abundance of personal items and too many personal design choices can make it harder for buyers to do that.

Q: What is virtual staging?
A: Virtual staging is a method of placing decor, furniture, and design touches in a home using graphics to create the illusion of a realistically furnished space. This is ideal for when sellers have moved out  and the home has no furniture. It allows potential buyers to understand the scale of the space and visualize the ways that furniture can be placed and the way rooms can be used.

Q: Is a real estate agent obligated to tell me every offer made on my home?
A: Legally, your real estate agent will have to let you know every single offer that is made on your home. This ensures that your real estate agent is honest and open with you and that you can make a decision to accept or reject an offer.


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