Should I Use A Realtor® When Buying A Home From A Builder?

Should I Use A Realtor® When Buying A Home From A Builder?

The short answer is yes. But why? You know you’re buying a new home that won’t have any damage from previous owners or tenants, so why does it matter if you have a Realtor® by your side or not? At the end of the day, the builder is there to make a profit and they have their own interests at heart, which is perfectly understandable. But this can put you at a disadvantage if you try to buy the home by yourself. Instead, be ready for any contracts, negotiations, and more by partnering with a skilled Calgary Realtor®.

Why To Use A Calgary Realtor® When Buying From A Builder

If you’re interested in buying from a builder, you are likely aware that builders often have salespeople they work with. It’s important that you know these salespeople are often not licensed Realtors® and do not have the same knowledge, credentials, or obligations that professional Realtors® do. You can work with your own Realtor® when purchasing from a builder, and your real estate agent will be bound by the ethics, codes, and credentials required of Realtors® so you can feel confident that your interests are a priority. Salespeople who work with the builder may offer you discounts on the home or use other tactics to encourage you not to use a Realtor®, but these deals may be insignificant and these sales people will always have the builder’s interests at heart.

Your Realtor® can set up a viewing of the home or you can, but we highly suggest taking your Realtor® with you for the first viewing to ensure you aren’t inadvertently waiving your right to use a professional Realtor®. Taking your own agent for a viewing also gives you access to the knowledge and experience of that Realtor®. They will know what construction inadequacies to look for, what to take note of, and what might be able to be written into the purchasing contract.

If you find your dream home and purchase directly from a builder, take your Realtor® to the final walkthrough and follow this checklist to make sure your new home is delivered in top condition.

A Realtor® who is familiar with the market and potentially with the building company is a huge asset when it comes to negotiations. Whether you’re interested in some upgrades to the home, some extra amenities, or other conditions, a Realtor® can help you negotiate. Builders often have a set price and this might not budge much, but there are other ways your real estate agent can ensure you get a good deal. 

Creating A Contract
Realtors® know how to create air-tight contracts so that you aren’t left struggling to close or ending up with surprise fees after everything is said and done. Realtors® are well versed in the writing of contracts in general but specifically contracts for builders. Your real estate agent may also recommend an inspection. Although this might sound odd since you’re purchasing a new build, it’s not uncommon for new builds to have issues. While there won’t be anything that’s aged, there may be some faulty wiring or work not done to code. A home inspection as part of your contract can be a huge benefit.

To learn even more benefits of working with a professional Calgary Realtor®, read 3 Reasons Why It Is Always Best to Work With a Realtor When Buying a Home.


Buy New Builds With The Help Of A Calgary Realtor®

An experienced Calgary Realtor® will know the new build housing market and may even have experience working with the building company you are interested in. Most importantly, Realtors® are bound to a code of ethics that puts your needs first to ensure you are getting the home you were promised at the negotiated price. When you work with the Mel Star team of Calgary Realtors®, we will ensure that your new home is up to your standards and that you are getting a good value so you are satisfied with your new place to call home. To partner with a Realtor® from the Mel Star team, call 1-403-861-9944 or fill out the online contact form.


While it’s impossible to know how much a home is worth exactly, a top Realtor® can use comparable properties, market analysis, and look at similar homes that have recently sold in the area to ensure you are paying a fair price.

It is not required that you hire a Realtor® to represent you when you are buying a new home. However, it is recommended as they offer many benefits as listed above to ensure the buying process is completed quickly and smoothly.

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