Make The Most Of Your Open House

Make The Most Of Your Open House

Open houses are a great way to showcase your home and persuade potential buyers. However, a house that’s in disarray or that is clearly already occupied sends the wrong message. To get the best results from your open house you need to cater to the potential buyers. Even though your personal photos and the appliances and products on your counters are completely removable, it can be hard for a home buyer to visualize themselves living there when it feels like another person’s space. To help set up your home for a successful open house, follow these tips.

Easy Ways To Stage Your Home

Maximize Counter Space. In the kitchen, take appliances and items that usually sit on the counters, such as coffee makers, spice racks, kettles, or more, and put them under the cupboards instead. Do the same in the bathrooms by hiding any toothbrushes, hair dryers, or any other items that might sit out on the counter normally. Clearing the counter of items maximizes and showcases the amount of counter space a home has. It also helps to give your home a sleek and organized look that will stick out in the buyer’s memory. As a bonus, having the counters cleared will make it incredibly easy to clean them before the open house.

Depersonalize. When trying to sell a home, you want the buyers to be able to visualize themselves in the space, which is much easier for them to do if there are fewer indications of the person or family already living there. Take down any family photos, children’s drawings, religious items, political items, or anything on the fridge. Decoration is perfectly fine, but it should be generic as opposed to related to your family or life. You should also put away any money lying around, jewellery, movable technology, medication, or small valuables. This will help depersonalize the space but it will also make you feel more secure when people you don’t know are in your home

Decorate. While your personalized decorations are discouraged, the home should still seem comfortable and liveable. Set the table with nice dinnerware, neatly hang up clean towels that complement the room they are in, and have a clean or new welcome mat for the guests to wipe their feet. Other decorations that will make the space liveable but not personal are lamps, which both add to the decor and make the home feel well lit and roomy, and plants. Fresh flowers or potted plants give the home a touch of freshness. Other decor you may have up, such as vases, scenic painting, or other room accents that less personal can, and should, stay up and in view. If you’re struggling to determine how to stage your home for an open house, think of the room displays in furniture stores and home magazines and try to emulate the same idea of impersonal but decorated with simple touches. Your Realtor® can also instruct you in your decorating and staging.

Welcome Them As Guests, Not As Potential Home Buyers. One very easy personal touch that will make people feel welcome in your home is a weather-appropriate refreshment. If it’s cold outside, have some hot chocolate waiting for them. If it’s hot outside, have some refreshing lemonade waiting. Some people may choose to have a plate of cookies waiting (which makes the house smell amazing). At the very least, have water available when they arrive. You want your guests to know they are welcome and you want them to get the sense that being in the home is pleasant.

Work With Mel Star For A Successful Calgary Open House

Having your home ready for an open house is a great way to allow buyers to see themselves living in that home and can help them make the final decision. Another great way to sell your home is by working with experienced Realtors®, such as the team at Mel Star. The Mel Star Team will work with you to make sure your home is prepared for your open house, find a date and time that’s convenient to you, and market the open house in both digital and traditional ways. With over 40 years of experience, the Mel Star Team and our Calgary Realtors® can find you the best selling price for your home. To work with the Mel Star Team, call 1-403-861-9944 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: How does Mel Star market open houses?
A: Open houses are marketed through various channels such as, multiple social media platforms, MLS advertising, and our in-house RE/Max system. We also notify neighbours in the general area and inform our vast network of connections we have made over the 40+ years of selling Real Estate in Calgary.

Q: Does staging make that big of a difference?
A: Absolutely. 77% to 82% of buyer’s agents say that staging makes a difference. Staging helps you present your home to the broadest pool of potential buyers with simple, neutral touches with mass appeal. Think of it this way: buyers need to be able to see your house for sale as the ideal place for them to call home. An abundance of personal items and too many personal design choices can make it harder for buyers to do that.

Q: What is virtual staging?
A: Virtual staging is a method of digitally placing decor, furniture, and design touches in a home using graphics to create the illusion of a realistically furnished space. This is ideal for when sellers have moved out and the home has no furniture. It allows potential buyers to understand the scale of the space and visualize the ways that furniture can be placed and the way rooms can be used. This is different from a virtual open house, which is using a video platform to host open houses. Virtual open houses have become a popular alternative since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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