How A Foreclosure Specialist RealtorĀ® Can Help You Find The Best Deals On Houses For Sale In Calgary

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How A Foreclosure Specialist RealtorĀ® Can Help You Find The Best Deals On Houses For Sale In Calgary

Purchasing a home can be an exciting yet overwhelming process. Endlessly searching online property listings in Calgary can be time-consuming and most of the time, the pictures do not completely capture the good and the bad of a prospective home. To keep your best interests protected while searching for a great deal, it is extremely beneficial to hire a Realtor®  agent who understands the ins and outs of the Calgary real estate market, including discreet foreclosure opportunities. A Realtor® who is a foreclosure specialist will provide extensive knowledge of the Calgary market, and be able to provide insight to navigate the complexities of purchasing a foreclosure.

What Is A Foreclosure Real Estate Agent?

A foreclosure specialist is a real estate agent who specializes in foreclosure deals. A foreclosure occurs when the bank repossesses a home because the owner has been unable to meet their monthly mortgage payments. Once the bank repossesses the home, it will put the house up for sale, seeking to recuperate as much of the mortgage owing on the property as possible. Foreclosure sales are much different from regular home sales and finding and bidding on these properties requires specific experience and knowledge. Partnering with a Calgary real estate agent who specializes in foreclosure properties is the best way to ensure you can find these hidden gems in the Calgary real estate marketplace. 

How A Calgary Foreclosure Real Estate Agent Can Help You Find Your Dream Home

A Realtor® with a reputation for completing foreclosure deals will be connected with the right players and will often know about upcoming foreclosure listings before they hit the MLS. The right real estate agent will protect your interests and your investments by conducting a thorough comparative market analysis, advising you on fair pricing, ensuring you secure the best inspections and assessments, and by helping you navigate the sometimes complex process of bidding on foreclosed properties. Although the foreclosure process can be much more complicated than a traditional home purchase, a foreclosure specialist will be able to ensure the process goes smoothly and that all steps are completed as expediently as possible.

A Calgary Realtor Understands The Local Real Estate Market

Each real estate market is different. Market conditions can differ from city to city and even from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. It is extremely important that your real estate agent understands the local market conditions and the current inventory of houses for sale in the Calgary area. With this knowledge they can ensure that you are paying the right price for a foreclosure. They will be well-connected within the real estate community and may receive information on upcoming listings before they are publicized giving you a head start on some great opportunities. A trusted Realtor® will also have connections to a variety of other professionals that can help you during the purchase of your new home such as property inspectors, lawyers, moving companies, contractors, and more. You will save time and money not having to vet professionals on your own. 

Calgary’s #1 Real Estate Team 

A buyer's agent will look out for your best interest while ensuring that you get the best deal possible on your new property. Whether you are looking for a great deal on your dream home or an investment property, the best first step is to partner with a Calgary real estate agent who also specializes in foreclosure properties. 

Working in Calgary for over 40 years, we know every neighbourhood and community like the back of our hands. The Mel Star Team will work with you to identify your goals when you are purchasing a new home and will help you make a well-informed decision to ensure that you feel confident in the final purchase. Our team will guide you through the process with our expert counsel and real-estate concierge service. To learn more, contact Calgary’s best Realtors® by calling (403)-861-9944 or by filling out our online contact form.


Q: What Is A Foreclosure?
A: A foreclosure property is a bank-owned home that is for sale. The previous owner was unable to meet their mortgage payments, therefore the bank repossessed the home and is selling it to recuperate the money still owed against the mortgage.

Q: Can you finance a foreclosure property?
A: Yes, you can. However, banks may find all-cash offers more attractive.

Q: Do I pay any fees when I use a buyers agent?
A: No, you do not. The seller's agent will split the commission collected from the seller with your agent.


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