For Sale By Owner Or Realtor® - Which Is The Best Option?

For Sale By Owner Or Realtor® - Which Is The Best Option?

When deciding how to sell your home, the thought of listing your home ‘For Sale By Owner’ (FSBO) may have crossed your mind. When calculating the possible savings in Realtor® commissions, some homeowners are tempted to list their home for sale themselves without working with a real estate professional. But if you pause to weigh out the things you need to consider and do to list your home on your own against the benefits of partnering with a qualified and licensed Calgary Realtor®, you just might be surprised. A Realtor® will work tirelessly on your behalf to make sure your home sells quickly and for the best possible price.

This article will cover 6 major considerations when deciding if you want to list your home on your own, or use skilled and experienced real estate professionals.

Whether or Not to List with a Calgary Realtor®

When deciding whether or not to list For Sale By Owner, there are some key takeaways that can help you understand exactly what a reputable real estate professional brings to the table:

Time Constraints. Selling a home is time consuming! From measuring, photos, staging, listing, marketing, fielding calls from interested parties, scheduling showings, negotiating, and contracts, a lot of time is spent to get a deal. A professional has the tools and resources to streamline the process.

Stigma of FSBO. Whether or not they will admit it, many real estate professionals don’t like to show their buyers homes that are listed For Sale By Owner. Without a qualified Realtor® on the selling end of the transaction, there is an increased potential for big headaches, hassles, and a less than stellar experience for their own client. Also, because the buyer’s agent’s portion of commission is paid by the seller, and most FSBO listings do not offer the standard commission structure, the agent is often less motivated to make a deal happen.

Qualified Buyers. When you list your home FSBO, your listing may not reach as many potential buyers and it is difficult to qualify those you do reach. When you have an experienced Realtor® representing you and your home in the Calgary real estate listings, you will have someone working for you, giving your home more visibility, and acting diligently to ensure all potential buyers are qualified and ready to make the offer.

Showings. When a potential buyer wants to view your home, who will take them through when you are FSBO? It’s awkward to have the owners present when a home is being viewed. The seller often has a personal attachment and the potential buyers will want to talk freely about the pros and cons of their prospective purchase. Having a Realtor® manage your showings means they will be able to provide an unbiased environment for qualified buyers to tour your home, while still pointing out the best your home has to offer..

Expert Negotiations. When the time comes to accept or counter an offer, it is invaluable to have a confident and experienced negotiator on your side; someone who is free from emotion and personal investment. A savvy real estate agent will follow up with leads for you without looking desperate for a sale. When you represent yourself, it's difficult to follow up with leads and act impartially during negotiations.

Legality. Last, but certainly not least, listing and selling a home has many legal intricacies and obligations. Selling your home on your own puts the responsibility on you to ensure that all of your obligations are addressed. A real estate agent and their team are knowledgeable about what is required in their location of practice and will ensure that the sale of your home is handled meticulously.

Ready to List ‘For Sale’ in the Calgary Real Estate Listings?

Avoid the frustrations of For Sale By Owner and choose to work with an accomplished real estate agent who can guide you through all the stages of selling your home. A skilled and knowledgeable Realtor® will be able to list, market, and show your home and negotiate the best deal on your behalf. Many homeowners who originally choose to list their homes themselves often end up re-listing with an agent when they don’t achieve a sale. Save time and money and choose a team of real estate professionals with decades of experience who will exceed your expectations and ensure that your home is the next sale in your neighbourhood.

The Mel Star Team is your best choice for an elevated real estate experience whether you are buying or selling in Calgary and surrounding areas. sWith over 100 positive Google Reviews, you can trust your home is in extremely capable hands. Fill out the form on this website, or call 1-403-861-9944 to speak with someone from the team.


Q: Should I list for sale by owner?
A: Although listing a home without a real estate agent seems like an obvious choice when it comes to cost savings, there are more than a few services and expertise you will be losing out on. One of the biggest is your Realtor® will always come with a professional network to make the sale of your home easier and smoother. From handymen and home stagers, to mortgage brokers and closing agents, working with a professional real estate agent brings a lot of perks.

Q: How can I sell my own home?
A: If you are looking to sell your home on your own, here are some of the factors you will need to consider:

  • Don’t forget additional selling costs: You will need to consider mortgage fees/penalties, closing costs, and paying the buyer agent’s commission. Plan wisely!
  • You will need to be extremely unbiased. Some common issues for For Sale By Owner homes are pricing too high, taking offence at offers, and not having the data to negotiate smartly on your own behalf. Make sure you develop a strategy before listing so that these problems are addressed.
  • Have a plan. When listing your home you will need to have a good idea of how you will reach potential buyers. 
  • Research comparable properties: Try to find out what has sold and what has not sold over the last 90-120 days in your area. Try to find out how much properties that are similar to yours have sold for. This information is invaluable when listing a home For Sale By Owner.

Often the money you think will be saved by doing it yourself is not as considerable as you may think. Reach out to our team for a free consultation and we can help you determine if the benefits are of choosing a Realtor® might be right for you.

Q: Is it worth it to list my home for sale without a Realtor®?
A: Although it may seem like you are saving big by cutting out a real estate agent, you will in fact typically lose more than you save. Many economists and research analysts show that FSBO homes result in less money than those sold by a professional.


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