4 Tips on How to Downsize the Right Way

Are you looking to downsize? Our Calgary realtors have the experience and expertise to make the downsizing experience as affordable, stress-free, and simple as possible. Here’s how to downsize the right way.

Moving homes can be a stressful experience, regardless of your age. But for older adults who have lived in the same home for decades, the downsizing process can be especially difficult and emotional. 

However, for some people, downsizing is necessary in order to: 

  • Cut costs
  • Address changing medical needs
  • Be closer to children and grandchildren 
  • Lead a more simplified lifestyle 

While downsizing may feel like a step down, the truth is that it has many upsides: saving money and time, having less clutter in your life, and being closer to your family. In fact, downsizing could be just the fresh start you and your spouse need! 

Our Calgary Realtors Are Experts In Downsizing and Can Help You Find the Perfect Space 

Whatever the reason for your downsizing, it can be an emotional and difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Whether you are an empty nester, senior, or just looking for a new start, our Calgary realtors can help you find the perfect space for this new phase in your life. 

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4 Tips From Our Calgary Realtors for Downsizing the Right Way 

For many people, smaller mortgage payments and less time maintaining a large space may sound like a dream come true, but is downsizing really the right move for you? Before you head down this path, it’s important to work with an experienced realtor so they can help ensure you are making the right choice. 

Here are some tips to follow when deciding whether or not you should downsize: 

1. Think About Your Future 

If you are thinking about downsizing your home, thinking ahead will ensure that your transition is a success. If you are planning on living in this home for a long time, or even permanently, make sure it is equipped for comfortable living as you grow older. Remember to consider things such as stairs, remote location, and if there is a yard that requires maintenance.

2. Consider Any Hidden Costs

Downsizing may save you money in those monthly mortgage payments, but what about hidden costs? For example, before downsizing, you must think about: 

  • The repairs your home requires to get market-ready 
  • Whether or not your old furniture and appliances will fit into a smaller space, or do you need to buy new items? 
  • The cost of moving, property taxes, storage, and more 

When it comes to decision time, you may find that downsizing to a smaller space may save you a lot, or you could save more by staying right where you are. 

3. Think About Your Social Life and Relationships 

Before you downsize, whether you are moving across town or the country, it’s important to think about your social and familial life. As you get older, keeping these relationships strong is critical for your well-being. Ask yourself if your new place is close enough for family and friends to visit, or will it require an expensive plane ticket and vacation time? 

If keeping these relationships strong is a priority for you, then make sure to plan your downsizing with this in mind. 

4. Consider Your Lifestyle 

Downsizing your home doesn’t just mean moving into a smaller space — it can also mean a shift in your lifestyle. Before you move homes, it’s important to ensure that your new home has access to important amenities, such as: 

  • Health care
  • Grocery shopping
  • Banks 
  • Recreational centres 

You must also consider your hobbies, routine, and daily activities and make sure that moving into your new space will not require a major shift in the way you do things or spend your time. 

We’ll Help You Find the Perfect Home When Downsizing 

With over 40 years of real estate experience, the Mel Star Team in Calgary can help you find your dream home, no matter your needs, lifestyle, and specific preferences. To find out more about how we can help you transition into your new home smoothly and quickly, contact us at (403) 284-6333, fill in our online contact form


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